>Of Monsters and Men: Crystals*

Icelandic hit-makers Of Monsters and Men return with new material prior to the June release of their long awaited sophomore album Beneath The Skin. The track ‘Crystals’ is the first single to the follow-up of their 2011′ debut album, My Head Is an Animal.~>

>Noteable Mentions of 2014*

It’s a task to narrow down the past year’s top 10 when so many tracks helped shape the music scene in 2014! Credit is still due so below is a playlist of tracks worthy of mentioning, even though they didn’t quite make the cut onto the top 10 list. Enjoy!


TOP 10 COUNTDOWN OF 2014. #1–>Future Islands: Seasons (waiting on you)*


What a year it’s been for Future Islands. Frontman Samuel Herring’s passionate Letterman performance of the group’s single ‘Seasons’ back in March became one of the year’s most memorable pop culture moments, and garnered some much needed exposure for the four-piece indie synth band from Baltimore. With four studio albums of stellar material under their belt it’s been a long time coming. Groovy moves, and hip swivels aside, the band’s first track off their 2014 album ‘Singles‘, registered with listeners for it’s simplistic, relatable theme of losing a relationship due to change, or therefore the lack of. Herring delivers each lyric with a profound desperation that sends chills up the spine, and ensures the potency of every word resonates with listeners. It’s often a struggle to discover songs that scream ‘perfect!‘ at the right time and place but thanks to being a longtime fan of Future Islands I felt a gift was hand delivered consequent to first listen. At years end, it’s hopeful insight still makes it feel ‘perfect!‘.